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The Great Lakes Myth Society held their inaugural meeting on January 1, 2004, two months after the dissolution of their previous incarnation, The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love. The Society had been gathering secretly in basements for years at long tobacco-stained tables, sifting through mountains of playbills, newspaper clippings, and obituaries, building a library of evidence against the visionless realists of modern vernacular. It's the unified belief of these stories' importance and relevance that fuels the group's alternately pastoral and brutal live shows. With their self titled debut on the way, the Michigan natives have gone to great lengths to capture the spirit of discovery both on and off the stage. Like five applehead men soaking in their respective freshwater tombs, feeling the pulp return to their faces, each day brings the delicious pain of life and the endless need to create.

The debut album is out April 2005! Pre-order below. Tons of shows in the great Lakes region. Check our tour page for details.

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Great Lakes Myth Society

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