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Special Podcast: Paula and Aaron talk about shows and the good people at TT's, in an effort to call more attention to a string of shows at TT the Bear's that are being put together in benefit of TT's mainstay Jeanne.
Featured music:
Boy Wonder - "Mission to Destroy" (alt. mix)
Boy Wonder - "X-Large"
Paula Kelley - "In the Morning"
The Paula Kelley Orchestra - "In Light of Your Less Complicated Life"
Background music: The Brass Ring, selections from "The Dis-Advantages of You"

Video Podcast #1: A fun and semi-informative document of Paula Kelley's Northwest Tour. Includes some great new live performances captured at the Abbey Lounge by the able & generous Roy Rubinstein. Big file (75 MB), so please be patient.

Episode 17: Paula and Aaron attempt a cross-country podcast... with admittedly mixed results.
Featured Music:
Paula Kelley - "Talk Away"
Rooftop Suicide Club - "Boston"

Episode 16 NOW WITH CAPTERS!: More previews from Some Sucker's Life, a bit of banter, and reinstatement of the dreaded Guillotine!!
Featured Music:
Paula Kelley - "B.S. I Love You" & "Goodbye September"
Rooftop Suicide Club - "Indie Girl"

Episode 15: Paula and Aaron return at last! They've got news, some beefs, and a bit o' new music for ya.
Featured Music:
Paula Kelley - "High Boots" & "Burnin' For You"
The Sterns - "This Will Only Hurt For a Minute"

Episode 14: Aaron's sedate holiday greetings.
Featured Music:
Paula Kelley - "Christmastime Is Here"
Timothy Monger - "Airstream"
The PKO & Friends - "Do They Know It's Christmas"

Artist Podcast #3: Great Lakes Myth Society
Sander Wolf interviews Tim & Greg via a high-tech cellular telephone. Get the inside story on some of the songs from their highly touted debut CD.
Featured Music: "Pining, Drinking, Understanding," "Marquette Country 1959," and more.

Artist Podcast #2: Rooftop Suicide Club
The whole band invades a local radio studio for an hour of hilarity and rock music. Check it out. No, seriously - check it out!
Featured Music: whatever tickles their fancy

Episode 13: Annette & Sander -- My Ringtone is Cool.
Featured Music:
Great Lakes Myth Society -- NPR Interview
Great Lakes Myth Society "Big Jim Hawkins"
Rooftop Suicide Club "Arizona"
Ad Frank "The Only One I Knew in JP"

Episode 12: Lots of SP&R music in this podcast, without all the chatter that you've grown to expect (and love).
Featured Music:
Rooftop Suicide Club "Too Old"
Ad Frank "You Will Never Learn to Play the Cello"
Blackstone Valley Sinners "It's a Sin"
Paula Kelley "My Finest Hour"
Cathal Coughlan "Unbroken Ones"
Great Lakes Myth Society "Lake Effect"

Episode 11: This one goes out to all those who love the 80's! Feel free to reminisce.
Featured Music:
Ad Frank "Nobody's Diary" (Yazoo cover, w/ Paula Kelley and Meredith Cooper)
Howard Jones "Collective Heartbeat"
Betty Goo "Steven Patrick Buzzwords"
The Cure "Harold and Joe"
Background music: The Love Theme from Bauer Wine & Spirits, otherwise known as "Oscillate Wildly," by The Smiths.

Episode 10: Before they were Stop, Pop, and Roll stars!
Featured Music:
Dante's Grin "Texas"
Fatima Mansions "Ray of Hope, Hoe of Rape"
Miles Dethmuffen "Flat-Chested Girl"
Boy Wonder "Softie"
The Original Brothers and Sisters of Love "Beautiful Night"
Guillotine: M.I.A. "Hombre"
Rooftop Suicide Club "Too Old (demo version)"
Background music: High Llamas "Frame Offset"

Episode 9: More and more from Paula and Aaron.
Featured Music:
Great Lakes Myth Society "Pining, Drinking, Understanding"
50 Foot Wave "Clara Bow"
Guillotine: Architecture in Helsinki "It's 5!"
Ad Frank "I'll Be Your Project"
Isley Brothers "It's Your Thing / Busted"
Background music: We don't need no stinking background music!

Episode 8: The windy city under Annette Wolf's keen microscope.
Featured Music:
Paula Kelley "The Light Under the Door"
Benny Goodman "You Turned the Tables on Me"
Rooftop Suicide Club "Gold Rush"
Great Lakes Myth Society "Cottonmouth"
The Smiths "That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore"
Background music: MIles Davis & Friends

Episode 7: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Apologies for the microphone noise - no idea why)
Featured Music:
Rooftop Suicide Club "Radio"
Robbers on High Street go under the Guillotine with "Spanish Teeth"
Thin Lizzy "Honesty Is No Excuse"
Paula Kelley "Everything"
Background music: John Williams "Star Wars IV: A New Hope"

Sander Mumbles: Plano, TX -- 75th biggest city in the nation: Stop, Pop, and Roll's Sander Wolf mumbles his way through his first podcast.
Great Lakes Myth Society "Seeds for Sale"
Ad Frank "Unspeakable"
The Small Stars "I Turn Music into Money"
Background music: Eric Johnson

Episode 5: More Beefs of the Week, a new Guillotine, and no talk at all about the new Star Wars movie. Featured Music:
Cathal Coughlan "Frankfurt Cowboy Yodel"
Ad Frank "You Have Murdered Something Fine in Me"
Rooftop Suicide Club "Our Ride"
Paula Kelley "In the Morning"
The background music: "Mini-Management" by High Llamas.

As promised, here's a rundown of how you make your very own delicious Strawberry Vodka: Buy a liter of Stoli and a couple pints of strawberries. De-stem and quarter the strawberries. Place in a pitcher. Pour vodka in pitcher. Allow to sit for approx. 24 hours. Strain the vodka and return to Stoli bottle. Chill. Freezing is not recommended, because of whatever sugars or whatnot are in the strawberries making the final product a bit more prone to losing smoothness when frozen. Go ask Alton Brown the technical reason why.

Episode 4: Aaron & Paula reveal their Beefs of the Week and introduce a new segment: The Guillotine, where a new band is played and then judged on the spot... could get gruesome. Featured Music: Ad Frank, Great Lakes Myth Society, Paula Kelley, and more. The background music: "Guitargeselschaft" by Aaron Tap, "El Mysterioso" by Southern Culture on the Skids, and "Santa Fe Express" by Morricone.

Artist Podcast #1: Haskell gives some insight into what makes Rooftop Suicide Club tick. Featured music: Atom and His Package, Rooftop Suicide Club, and more. Background: "Spanish Flea" by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass.

Episode 3: A harried Aaron & Paula spin some tunes and talk about this n' that. Beef of the week is introduced, somewhat by accident. Featured music: Rooftop Suicide Club, Paula Kelley, and more. Background Music: "The Drunken Organ-Grinder" by Paula Kelley.

Episode 2: "Sounds of Atwater Village." Aaron & Paula give listeners a taste of what goes on outside their windows on a daily basis and, folks, it ain't always pretty. Featured music: Rooftop Suicide Club, Timothy Monger, Paula Kelley. Background Music: "The Drunken Organ-Grinder" by Paula Kelley.

Episode 1: Aaron takes a stab at this podacsting thing and soberly fumbles his way through a few tunes and promotional website rattlings-off. Featured music: Great Lakes Myth Society, Ad Frank, and more. Background music: "For a Few Dollars More," by Morricone, remixed by Terranova.